The genesis of TekSynap can be traced back nearly 20 years when the internet exploded from an academic research project to a worldwide productivity tool. In a digital age where communication forms the basis of many computing platforms, I found my passion. It has been my vision as CEO to provide imaginative and innovative solutions leveraging technology, to raise the quality of life, to create efficiencies for online users, and finally to advance the mission objectives for our customers.

At TekSynap an ethic of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm cultivates a can-do atmosphere where any goal can be achieved. Prior, I was Senior Director at General Dynamics Civilian and Homeland Security Division responsible for business development, operations and proposal management. After nearly two decades of experience consulting in the private and government sectors, I have worked through all of the layers that drive technology solutions.

As a technology professional who has risen through the ranks, I have a strong grasp of those solution elements that create a total system. Those experiences help us begin each job with a thoughtful analysis of our customer’s environment, and we pledge to work with each customer to create and define requirements that result in technology solutions that not only solve real world problems but achieve mission goals as well. We believe people are the ones to drive solutions, and the real capital of any company is the sum total of its personnel.

We are a minority-owned business whose agility, experience, and energy to move at the speed of thought can work for you. Technology moving at the speed of thought® is a concept which embodies our philosophy towards people and technology. As CEO, I understand success is possible when customer success is made possible.

Kamran Jinnah