TekSynap is honored to have the opportunity to supply a large, commercial-sized fridge to Shepherd’s Table. Our mission is rooted in core values, including seizing the chance to give back to our communities. These philanthropic efforts reach a diverse set of causes driven by our employees, customers, and the communities in which we live.

Ken Farber, a Solutions Architect at TekSynap, talks about how he got involved with Shepherd’s Table.

“Shepherd’s Table is a local organization that helps those primarily focused on food insecurity. About two years ago, I had a friend that was talking about the work they were doing.”

“There are a lot of things that I like about Shepherd’s Table,” says Mr. Farber. “It is local, very focused, and very effective.”

How did TekSynap get involved with Shepherd’s Table?

“I’ve been a board member with Shepherd’s Table for about two years,” says Mr. Farber.

“A few months ago, they scheduled an online event where people could pledge money. Before that, I also talked to the board about different options for corporate sponsorship.

So, I reached out to my executive management, and they all were on board with supporting our mission. I was ecstatic when Dave Gauldfeldt (President, TekSynap) and Kamran Jinnah (CEO, TekSynap) chose an amount that funded the purchase of a chiller.

It’s almost like industrial equipment. It is enormous and has different zones that can freeze well as keep things below certain temperatures. This donation will allow Shepard’s Table to support a much larger number of people providing them with a homecooked meal when it counts.”

As of June 2021, Shepherd’s Table has provided more than 63,000 meals to local communities in need.

“It’s a 20% increase over the previous year. Although it’s in Silver Spring, we’re on the boundary line, so we end up helping people from every surrounding county. These are folks who were the most vulnerable group throughout the whole pandemic. It becomes more difficult if you have unstable food, housing, or living because the support system is typically nonexistent.

You would think that everybody would focus on their issues during this crisis. Still, substantial in-kind donations have increased by 15% this year, and the overall contributions have increased by an even more considerable amount.

It’s been interesting to see that during the hard times, people have given more; therefore, Shepherd’s Table can provide many more meals and support.

Special gratitude to TekSynap for their generosity in helping Shepherd’s Table inspire hope for the most vulnerable in our local communities.”

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