NSA Approves TekSynap as a Trusted Integrator for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

NSA Announcement

The National Security Agency (NSA) has approved TekSynap as a Trusted Integrator for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC). CSfC is an important part of NSA’s commercial cybersecurity strategy to deliver secure cybersecurity solutions leveraging commercial technologies and products to deliver cybersecurity solutions quickly. It is founded on the principle that properly configured, layered solutions can provide adequate protection of classified data in a variety of different applications. NSA has developed, approved, and published solution-level specifications called Capability Packages (CPs) and, through the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), works with technical communities from across industry, government and academia to develop, maintain, and publish product-level security requirements called Protection Profiles (PPs). NSA’s CSfC Program was established to enable commercial products to be used in layered solutions protecting classified NSS data. This will provide the ability to securely communicate based on commercial standards in a solution that can be fielded in months, not years.

U.S. Government customers increasingly require immediate use of the market’s most modern commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) in order to achieve mission objectives. Consequently, NSA has developed ways to leverage emerging technologies to deliver more timely cybersecurity solutions for rapidly evolving customer requirements, including the need to meet mission requirements during COVID-19.

You can learn more about this program at Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) (nsa.gov). TekSynap has been listed as a NSA approved “Trusted Integrator” of CSfC solutions on NSA’s website and is prepared to quickly deliver secure cybersecurity solutions to our customers while leveraging commercial technologies and products.