TekSynap Celebrates VA LAN CCT (IRP) Award: A Testament to Long-Standing Support and Innovation


After a rigorous process spanning 18 months, four protests, and four separate proposal submissions, TekSynap has been awarded the VA LAN CCT (IRP) contract with our SEWP V prime, Alvarez LLC, and our OEM partner, Juniper. This achievement reflects TekSynap’s commitment to excellence and is a milestone that marks the company’s long-standing support for Veterans Affairs (VA).

“This was a multi-year effort by the entire team, culminating with an award, representing a tectonic shift in the VA’s LAN switching infrastructure.  This award is the first time in 25 years the VA has switched gears, in terms of their LAN switch technologies. This award represents only a fraction of the VA’s networks – which means there is so much more work to do for our Veterans.” – Kamran Jinnah, CEO

A Partnership Rooted in History and Innovation

TekSynap’s relationship with the VA dates to the company’s inception, showcasing a history rich in collaboration and technological advancement. The scope of this relationship has evolved over the years, with TekSynap providing critical infrastructure installation services and becoming a trusted advisor in process re-engineering at the project, program, and enterprise levels.

The VA LAN CCT (IRP) Award: A Technical Feat

The VA LAN CCT (IRP) involves refreshing over 17,000 LAN switches across eight Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs), covering various CONUS and OCONUS regions. TekSynap’s role extends beyond procurement and delivery; the company is responsible for migrating configurations of existing Cisco switches into the JUNOS operating system format and deploying advanced micro-segmentation and zero-trust enabling capabilities via VX LAN topologies.

Commitment to Our Nation’s Veterans

This program is critical to our nation’s veterans, required for multiple VA initiatives to move forward, including TekSynap’s own NextGen Wireless upgrades. The initial validation of the architecture in the VA’s Cleveland, OH Labs will be followed by an IOC at the first installation site at White River Junction, VT.

TekSynap’s Continued Excellence

The place of performance includes 63 VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) and 317 remote clinics CONUS and OCONUS.

“Alvarez LLC is proud to partner with TekSynap Corporation and Juniper Networks on this landmark VA LAN contract. This award not only underscores the innovation and expertise our teams bring to the table but also represents a significant step forward in enhancing the technological capabilities of the Veterans Affairs infrastructure. We are committed to delivering robust, secure, and cutting-edge network solutions that will have a long-lasting positive impact on the VA’s operations and, most importantly, on the lives of our veterans. This contract is a testament to our collaborative teams’ dedication and hard work, and we look forward to continuing this journey of excellence together.” – Josh Gauldfeldt, Senior Vice President of Sales, Alvarez LLC

About Alvarez

Alvarez LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVO/SB) delivering technology solutions to our Federal Government clients through our National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement V (SEWP V), National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) Chief Information Officer – Commodities and Solutions (CIO-CS) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) FirstSource II prime contracts in conjunction with our Vendor Partners. https://alvarezit.com/