TekSynap Paves New Growth Opportunities with the US Army’s ITES-3S Contract Vehicle


US Army's ITES-3S Contract Vehicle
TekSynap is expanding its capabilities and providing industry-leading service through contract vehicles such as ITES-3S (Information Technology Enabled Services). TekSynap Vice President Jason Ballah manages the vast and growing opportunities released through the ITES vehicle. The ITES-3S contract is a $12.1 Billion contract structured to provide a full range of services and solutions necessary to support enterprise infrastructures and infrastructure goals with IT services throughout CONUS and OCONUS locations for the Army, DoD, and other federal agencies worldwide.

The contract is generating new and exciting opportunities for growth; As Ballah puts it, “We’ve branched out into several new areas that TekSynap is expanding our capabilities in knowledge management, training, and training support.” He sees these opportunities as a starting point for essential growth opportunities. “These contracts set a path forward. They establish a strong relationship with ISEC, and ISEC knows that we can deliver through the ITES vehicle setting up future success in the engineering and installation arena,” Ballah stated in an interview last month.

In large part, the company reached this critical point because of work done under Joe Walker, winning four ITES contracts coming out of the ISEC community within the Army. “They pushed these contracts over to ITES, and we were able to sweep all four of them… Honestly, it came down to knowledge, capability, and relationships, so Joe knew having spent quite a few years working with the ISEC community. He understood what they were looking for and what they needed to make those solid. So then having the capabilities of TekSynap with that knowledge and building relationships,” Ballah disclosed.

When asked about the secret for his evident success in driving these important growth metrics and client relationships, Ballah humbly stated, “You just made an assertion there that I’ve been highly successful. And yes, we’ve won several contracts, but there’s always more that we can do. I believe that my vision aligns with TekSnap’s founders, Kamran Jinnah and David Gauldfeldt, and if you take care of the people, the people take care of the mission. It takes a lot of hard work, and we are up for the challenge. We produce quality solutions by bringing the right people, getting the right people on the bus and, in the right seats to ensure that we provide a solution that meets the customers’ unique mission requirements. My team and I do not put anything out from TekSynap that I would not receive as a customer with our name on it. I take great pride in ensuring that every product we deliver is high quality and something that I can stand by. I know that we meet every promise made in our proposals. Our customers are at the center of our mission; success is possible when customer success is made possible. TekSynap expanded ITES-3S mission support through high-quality commitment and delivery.”

Although he may deflect the admiration implied with that question, it is clear that Jason Ballah is an influential and integral component of the TekSynap success story. His leadership and vision continue to open doors for new and exciting opportunities in the future.