The 377th Air Base Wing is the host organization for Kirtland Air Force Base. The Wing supports more than 100 tenant organizations including Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC), 58th Special Operations Wing, 150th Special Operations Wing (NMANG), Air Force Inspection Agency (AFIA), Air Force Safety Center (AFSC), Department of Energy (DOE) and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL). The 377 Communications Division manages, operates, and maintains Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems (C4) Network Control Center, Mission Systems Maintenance, and Information Management for Kirtland AFB.

In support of our Strategic Partner and the 377 Communications Division, TekSynap provides Infrastructure Systems, Network Operations, Client Service Center, Radio Communications/Transmission Systems, Cable Systems, Antenna Systems, Installation Notification and Warning System (INWS), Plans, Programs, and Resources, and Cyber Security services.

This effort encompasses approximately 10,000 computer clients, the base network backbone (switches, routers); over 600 devices. The base infrastructure hosts a dual core network with a gigabit backbone containing 16 Information Transfer Nodes (ITN), 741 End Building Nodes (EBN), with 628 network switches and 18,000 endpoints. The Kirtland IT infrastructure supports the 21,000 users throughout the base covering more than 52,000 acres. The network infrastructure supports enterprise IT services, communications architecture, test and evaluation, and network management services; as well as 24×7 Operation & Maintenance support. The contractor is the sole maintainer of the base telephone switch with 5 Remote Switching Terminals (RST). Responsible for supporting the telephone backbone, customer end points and hosting more than 100 applications, servers, and databases. Telephone Instrumentation has a wired capacity of 30,000 devices, with 18,000 in use and 11,000 subscribers to voicemail. The contractor shall provide full telephone service to include base telephone switch (MSL-100), E-911 services, Voicemail, over 17,500 lines/3,700 circuits, fiber & copper cable plant servicing over 700 buildings, over 600 manholes, and Single/Multi-line digital/analog/Integrated Services Digital Network (IDSN) phones.

Kirtland AFB