Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Information Analysis Center Multiple Award Contract (IAC MAC)

Contract Number:

Contract Description:
To meet DTIC R&D goals in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, the Information Analysis Center established the Information Analysis Center Multiple Award Contract (IAC MAC) to provide agile and scalable contracting services. This contracting vehicle allows for task orders on requirements with a $28B ceiling to work those projects that exceed the dollar and time limits of BCO ($1M and 12 months) task orders. This contract vehicle allows for broad technical focus areas, providing research and analysis and other R&D-related analytical services to DoD Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Acquisition personnel.

Information Analysis Center Multiple Award Contract (IAC MAC) benefits:

  • Allows for Incremental Funding for multiple TOs
  • Flexible POP – up to 60 months with no minimum or maximum ceilings
  • Allows for multiple contract types, including hybrids (CPFF, FFP, FFP-LOE)
  • Provides for Classified and Unclassified services (Up to Top Secret/compartmented and collateral)
  • Geographic reach – CONUS and OCONUS (In-theater and contingency operations areas)

IAC MAC Supports high-dollar R&D projects that provide studies, complex analysis, engineering and technical services.

Team TekSynap Capabilities, Experience, and Services:
TekSynap offers innovative, responsive, and agile services and support in six IAC MAC task areas:

  • Software Data & Analysis
  • Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
  • Homeland Security and Defense
  • Cyber Security/Information Assurance
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR)

For the IAC MAC contract, TekSynap is joined by AECOM, a Fortune 500 company, and is well-prepared to offer professional support services to DTIC executives, scientists, and analyst to support their mission of aggregating science and technology to develop the technologies of the next generation to better support our Warfighters and assure national security. AECOM provides a wide range of engineering and technical support services to military and defense clients to reduce costs, maintain and modernize equipment, and deliver mission success.

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Raymond Caruso

Raymond Caruso

Vice President

Toni Fisher

Toni Fisher

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Jacqui Soltero

Jacqui Soltero

Contracts Administrator

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Detailed information about our team capabilities, services, and experience are provided via the links below:

Company Size Website
AECOM Large www.aecom.com

DTIC Key Government Personnel DTIC Leadership:

  • Director of DTIC – Mr. Thomas C. Gillespie
  • Dep Director of DITC – Mr. Brent Ishizaki

IAC MAC Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR):

  • Army – Ms. Jennifer Heddings
  • USMC/Other – Ms. Patricia Coulter
  • Navy – Ms. Melinda Rozga-Moore
  • Air Force – Ms. Patricia Coulter

AFICA Key Government Personnel Leadership:

  • Contracting Director – Mr. Jared Dostal
  • IAC MAC (IDIQ) Contracting Officer – Mr. Stanley Stearns

IAC MAC Contracting Officers by Service Supported:

  • Army – Mr. Brian Stricker
  • USMC/Other – Mr. Stanley Stearns
  • Navy – Mr. Alan Brady
  • Air Force – Mr. Jeff Study