Basic Contact Number: GS00Q17GWD2025

Period of Performance: Base: May 24, 2019 – May 23, 2024

Option Period 1: May 24, 2024 – May 23, 2029

Contract Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Plus Fix Fee (CPFF), Time & Materials (T&M)

Contract Access Fee: CAF is 3/4 of one percent (i.e. 0.0075) applied to the total pricefor contractor performance as billed to the Government

Ceiling: $12B

Contract Description:
The STARS II GWAC is a competitive multiple award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity set aside contract vehicle for small businesses that participate in the Small Business Administration 8(a) program. It provides all federal defense and civilian agencies with an efficient, flexible way to order information technology services and solutions worldwide while accruing 8(a) socio-economic credit.

STARS II features pre-competed, easy-to-use contracts, a low user fee of 0.0075 capped for large orders, short procurement lead time, and limited protest ability in accordance with NDAA 2008. The STARS II GWAC acquisition team provides no cost training and support. The STARS II contract provides support for all current IT and new technologies which may emerge with technology advances over the life of the contract. Supported IT services and solutions include systems and applications, infrastructure, systems integration, information assurance, and related training and program management.

Directed task orders up to $4 million each are allowed for Federal Civilian and Department of Defense activities and we are approved STET in both Constellation I and Constellation II for Functional Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4.

GSA STARS II Ordering Guide:


DUNS: 827860300

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Sheila Andahazy

Sheila Andahazy

Senior Vice President –
Defense Programs

Warren McQueen

Warren McQueen

Senior Vice President

Marla Helveston

Marla Helveston

Vice President – Civilian Programs

Toni Fisher

Toni Fisher

Customer Satisfaction

Jacqui Soltero

Jacqui Soltero

Contracts Administrator