Accounting Team

Mission / SLA

The Accounting department is committed to serving TekSynap employees, customers and vendors promptly, accurately and professionally in its areas of responsibility. Inquiries should be directed to the aliases at right. We commit to replying to inquiries by COB the next business day with resolution or an acknowledgment of receipt, followed by prompt resolution. Please direct any issues regarding quality of service to Ann Thompson, and Marvin Huber.

E-mail Addresses by Function

Vendor, subcontractor and consultant invoices questions

TekSynap-generated invoices to our customers and collection status inquiries

Payroll related questions and inquiries

Timecard and expense related questions to include assistance with submissions and approvals

Purchase requisition and purchase order related questions/inquires

Requests for new cards, limit adjustments and related questions questions

Did you know?

The accounting distribution list can also be found in your Global Address List

Accounting Distribution Lists in Global Address List

Accounting Team Members

Accounting Team

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Send a follow up e-mail the following day to the alias, the employee responsible for that alias and copy their manager. If you still do not get a timely response, escalate to Lucas Narel and Jane Henry.

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.8 Expense Voucher Instruction

Expense reimbursements are paid 7 to 10 business days after the expense report has been approved by your manager.  Expense reimbursements are paid separate from your paycheck but will be deposited into the account set up in ADP for your direct deposit.

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.6 Timesheet Instructions

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.7 Leave Request Instructions

Questions regarding benefits should be addressed to and will be addressed by the Human Resources department

Cards to be issued to a new employee should be requested on the onboarding ticket in SharePoint. Cards to be issued to an existing employee or changes in credit limits on an existing card can be requested of with the relevant information.

Please pre approve these additional charge codes with your manager and have your manager send an email to requesting the additional charge codes.

Yes, you can flex your holiday hours within the same quarter in which the holiday occurred.

The pay check will be paid the banking business day prior to the scheduled pay date.

Frequently Asked Questions (Program Management)

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.11 – Create a Budget Instructions

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.10 – CSR Financial Reporting Manual Instruction

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.7.10 – CSR Financial Reporting Manual Instruction

TekSynap closes the previous month typically by approximately the 22nd of the following month. However, Marvin Huber sends an e-mail each month to the Company-Wide Management alias to alert users when the month is complete. At that point, your JSR will reflect final numbers for the prior month.

Revenue recognition entries are made on certain fixed price projects where GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) revenue is above or below invoiced amounts. Those accounting entries are made to a line “Revenue Accrual”, which appears below the “System Revenue”, which is equal to billed amounts. These entries are recorded on an inception to date basis and auto-reversed in the next month.

Jane Henry

Please following the instructions here: B.M.S 4.9.2 Resource Assign Instruction

Please following the instructions here: BMS 4.9.1 AP Invoice Approval Instruction

TekSynap is an equal opportunity employer, that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status, national origin, disability, age, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.