TekSynap Awarded Department of Defense DENIX IDIQ Contract


TekSynap is pleased to announce the recent win of the five-year, Department of Defense (DoD) Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Exchange (DENIX) Program Support Services IDIQ Contract by the Assistant Secretary for the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment (IE&E) in conjunction with our partner, DELTA Resources. This program supports the general public; federal, state, tribal and local governments; international organizations; and the DOD. DENIX is the primary resource for DOD ESOH-related news, activities, initiatives, reports, training, and policies. DENIX supports more than 50 stakeholders giving Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) a universal platform for communicating authoritative ESOH-related information.

TekSynap is pleased to assume the Prime Contractor role for the DENIX Platform Support Services which utilizes emerging technologies and is meeting DoD mandated IT goals. DENIX, an 18-year old program, is a flexible platform able to port current custom websites, applications, and databases and provides stakeholders with full and self-service content management for both public and DoD audiences. It provides data support at Impact Levels 2-4 with Level 5 in progress. DENIX’s notable achievements include: first Army system to obtain a Risk Management Framework (RMF) Authority to Operate in 2017, first DoD Business System to implement DEVSECOPS which puts security first, and a Cloud-focused technical approach implementation ,which eliminates dependencies on aging and proprietary software infrastructure.

TekSynap will provide project management, software development, requirements analysis, software engineering, content management services, operations and maintenance, cybersecurity, and content management services, The requirements will encompass such functions as systems analysis, engineering, and design; DEVSECOPS; Knowledge Base Corporate Reporting System (KBCRS), and Information assurance (RMF).