TekSynap awarded USPTO IDEAI 2 Contract with prime General Dynamics


TekSynap, in conjunction with Prime contractor General Dynamics Information Technology, has been awarded a five year contract to provide comprehensive Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture, and Integration (IDEAI) support to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) communication infrastructure. The IDEAI-2 Contract support USPTO’s Communication Services Branch (CSB) which is responsible for all of the , Public Key Infrastructure, security, unified Communications (voice/collaboration) and video communication infrastructure requirements, including telecommunications architecture, collaboration architecture, network design, network cabling, network engineering, wireless communications, and telephony. The CSB manages the Voice over IP systems (VOIP), voicemail systems, call accounting systems, and video teleconferencing capabilities, secure remote access capabilities, monitoring, reporting on activities and performance & capacity planning of network resources.
TekSynap initial role on the IDEAI-2 contract spans three areas: support for USPTO’s deployment of Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE); support to USPTO’s connectivity to international partners in the patent community; and support to USPTO’s connectivity to interagency service providers for human resource and financial transactions. TekSynap provides lead engineering resources to upgrade and sustain these critical functions within USPTO’s communication infrastructure.
The mission of the USPTO is to administer the laws and regulations related to patents and trademarks in order to promote industrial and technical progress in the United States and strengthen the national economy. The USPTO estimates that by the year 2017 over 692,000 patent applications and more than 517,000 trademark applications will be submitted annually. An estimated 1,200 additional patent examiners are to be hired each year for the next five years in an attempt to reduce patent pendency, which will substantially increase system workloads, and require establishment of remote sites throughout the country. The IDEAI-2 Contract support the USPTO aggressive pursuit of design and development for new automated information systems and the refinement of existing information systems that will provide automated support to the patent and trademark application processing and examination functions, and dissemination of patent and trademark information to the public through the year 2017.