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Synaptek is in the process of changing our branding from “Synaptek” to “TekSynap”. All aspects of the company remain the same.

The reason for this change is an apparent trademark conflict with a California company called Synoptek LLC (with an “o” instead of an “a”). While we had a trademark for the “Synaptek” name, Synoptek LLC filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in California requesting a judicial cancelation of our trademark. Recently, the judge in the case filed an order to cancel our trademark for the “Synaptek” name and found that our use of the name infringes on the plaintiff’s mark, citing a possibility of future confusion. It is clear in the judge’s order that we must change our branding as quickly as possible. The most notable immediate effect is that our website has been changed to reflect the TekSynap name. Subsequently, business cards, communications and other branded items will be updated to reflect the new branding.

We chose TekSynap as our new name because it has adequate differentiation while providing continuity with the legacy reputation for service delivery that we built under the Synaptek name. Our logo and tagline “Technology moving at the speed of thought” will remain the same, only the name will change. Rest assured that we are the same company with the same values that we established as Synaptek. The leadership and employees of our company remain committed to our customer’s mission.