Refer Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Step 1: Go to to view all our available job opportunities.
Step 2: Send qualified resumes to Remember to include your contact information!
Step 3: If your referral is hired, TekSynap will pay you after the candidate reaches their 90th day of employment.

TekSynap will grant a $2,000 payment for candidates who fill a funded role within the company.*
Referral Program (PDF)

*Members of the management team are not eligible for referral bonuses within their own departments. Directors, Program Managers, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and members of the employment team are not eligible for referral bonuses. Companies and organizations with a responsibility to hire and locate positions for others are not eligible. HQ positions are not eligible for referral bonuses.

TekSynap understands both the pace of technology today and the need to have a comprehensive well planned information management environment.

Technology moving at the speed of thought® embodies these principles – the need to nimbly utilize the best that information technology can power to meet the business needs of our Federal, State and Local Government customers.

At each level this team has absorbed what “works” – for the company, our customers and our employees. TekSynap synthesizes the best at each level resulting in a unique service provider that combines the infrastructure and process models of larger organizations with an agile ability to cost effectively meet our customers’ requirements.