Contract Number: W9124J-19-D-0015
Period of Performance: August 9, 2019 – August 8, 2024
Ceiling: $35M

DENIX Contract Description:
DENIX platform was established in 2001 to provide applications consistent with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) reporting requirements as defined by Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) (DUSD(I&E)). The DENIX platform streamlines and adds substantial program accountability, oversight and management of corporate level reporting systems sustainment.

1.2.1. As the Executive Agent (EA) for the DENIX platform, the Army coordinates the development and maintenance of integrated, cost effective, and useful Environment, Safety and Occupational Health data management and reporting applications under the authority and direction of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health) ADUSD (ESOH) in cooperation with the Military Services and the Defense Agencies. DENIX ensures that the automated information management applications developed for environmental programs meet the interoperability requirements of the Department.

1.3. Objectives: This requirement is to provide OASA (IE&E) general program management, technical, research, analytical, and administrative support to the DENIX platform. 1.4. Scope: The Contractor shall provide the OASA (IE&E) with support services covering a wide variety of projects and initiatives as described in this performance work statement (PWS). Programs that will require support under this contract will include, but not be limited to, business transformation and the DENIX platform as detailed in Section 5.0 of this PWS.

1.5. Period of Performance: This Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract shall have one five-year ordering period.

The contractor shall leverage DevSecOps transformation principles in alignment the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative Master Approach Document (v.1.6) and emerging DoD Enterprise cloud approaches and shall increase the use of automation across every aspect of operations. The contractor shall continuously seek to decouple the functionality of DENIX into discrete parts using continuous refactoring within a DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline in order transform DENIX from a monolithic N-Tier to a modern API driven, micro-services based, containerized, self-services application platform with validated security built in, automated, and documented. The contractor shall work with the government to develop a validated auditable process that enables DENIX to achieve continuous Authorization to Operate (ATO) under Risk Management Framework (RMF) while rapidly and continually evolving to incorporate new and advanced features at a rapid pace that are secure by design, fully tested and DoD compliant from the start.

  • Design, develop, integrate, test, and recommend enhancements to the DENIX platform and associated modules
  • Leverage modern technology to enhance platform operations
  • Incorporate applications that promote machine learning / artificial intelligence to enhance the functionality, components, and user interface of the DENIX platform
  • Incorporate machine learning capabilities to enhance Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Recovered Chemical Warfare Material (RCWM) applications to streamline business processes
  • Maintain active content and ensure contents compatibility with any applicable DoD / Army security guidelines, which includes the DISA/NSA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), Security Requirements Guides (SRGs), DoDI 8510.01, NIST 800-53 SA-4, DoDs Transition to Risk Management Framework (RMF), NIST SP 800-37, and DoDI 8500.01. (See Part 6, Section 6.1 of PWS)
  • Maintain the Knowledge-Based Corporate Reporting System (KBCRS) module within the DENIX platform
  • Maintain and update the KBCRS database
  • Design, code, and maintain document-ready reports necessary for completing the Defense Environmental Program Annual Report to Congress (DEPARC)
  • Maintain, implement, and oversee measures to enhance customer / end user support within the DENIX platform
  • Maintain the architectural design of the DENIX platform and ensure compliance with DoD / Army networks/systems
  • Develop, document, and maintain software and hardware that ensure the functionality of the DENIX platform
  • Maintain 90% platform functionality to ensure transparency with public community
  • Ability to relocate DENIX platform to another cloud hosting environment, in the event that the government requires relocation with a minimum impact (less than 10%) to the daily operations
  • Manage content to ensure top grade customer support and website customization support
  • Ensure 100% online operation of DENIX platform
  • Ensure Service collaboration to promote seamless architecture support (Army Business Enterprise Architecture / DoD Architecture Framework/ Integrated Business Framework-Data Alignment Portal)
  • Maintain search engine optimization to enhance customer support / platform user ability
  • Transition DOD systems / applications / reporting tools into DENIX platform
  • Ensure seamless transition/transfer of programs/application that support Service collaboration and transparency
  • Ensure the current Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud-hosting environment is maintained and operational and functional and capable of relocating to a new cloud hosting network at the direction of the Government
  • Maintain functional, current, and user accessible data repositories (libraries and archives) that are easily navigated by end users
  • Enable/ maintain application programming interfaces (API) / Cloud native tools for better end user functionality
  • Ensure all help desk requests are actioned within 24 hours of submission
  • Establish help desk
  • Maintain security certifications necessary to operate on the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support System (eMASS) where the Government shall retain Authority to Operate (ATO) on DOD Networks, which are based on security and network compliance
  • Maintain compliance with the DOD Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization Process
  • Develop and maintain cyber security documentation
  • Validate platform security IAW current and future DOD policy
  • Ensure procedures are in place to protect platform vulnerabilities, provide alerts, responses to cyber incidents and security threats, and a failsafe solution(s) to protect the integrity and documentation of the platform
  • Implement business processes that streamline coordination with DISA to facilitate DISA Systems Network Approval Process (SNAP) and Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM) records support
  • Maintain 100% compliance with DISA application security and development STIG requirement
  • Maintain 100% compliance with Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) and Host Based Security System (HBSS) management and monitoring
  • Retain 100% accountability of all cyber and eMASS documentation for the DENIX platform
  • Ensure procedures are in place to support cross region replication (disaster recovery/continuity of operations)
  • Ensure Government is notified within 1 hour of any system issues, outages, or cyber incidents
  • Obtain and retain 100% platform compliance with DOD IT policies
  • Establish and implement a sound risk management system to operate the DENIX platform and that documentation is available to the Government
  • Create a programmatic management plan consisting of schedules, reviews, platform performance, and monthly costs
  • Reduce platform vulnerabilities and mitigates risks
  • Develop a Quality Control System for the DENIX platform

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