DLA JETS (4th Estate)


Mr. Michael Yacobacci is the Contracting Officer for this contract and has opened it to other DoD Agencies. DLA has developed a DLA JETS website (CAC enabled, not accessible to general public): https://today.dla.mil/JETS/Pages/default.aspx. The intention of the website is to provide general information to other DoD agencies that may be interested in utilizing JETS. The website also includes JETS Ordering Procedures, documents and templates. If a customer has a contracting office that would like to issue the order, Mr. Yacobacci can delegate ordering authority to the outside agency KO. Each JETS prime vendor will be notified when he delegates the ordering authority for a competitive task order.

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Defense Logistics Agency


Contract Number: SP4709-17-D-0017

Period of Performance: January 4, 2017 – January 3, 2025 (including award of all option years)

DLA JETS Contract Description:
JETS provides the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise that support applications, software, hardware, infrastructure, and systems, across the DLA IT Enterprise. Support will be provided for information technology solutions, technical support, maintenance and sustainment; operations support; application development, maintenance and technical support; and lifecycle management. Additionally, administrative program management support for IT program offices and DLA Information Operations (J6) Office will be provided. While JETS will primarily support DLA IT services requirements, the resultant contracts will also allow for de-centralized ordering by other DoD agencies.

Task Area Description
TASK AREA 1 Network and Telecommunication Services
TASK AREA 2 Technology Services
TASK AREA 3 Stakeholder Integrated Services (SIS)
TASK AREA 4 Defense Business System (DBS) Life Cycle Management: Acquisition, Sustainment, Maintenance and Technical Support
TASK AREA 5 Lifecycle Program Support Services
TASK AREA 6 Information Assurance (IA) Support (Certification & Accreditation)
TASK AREA 7 Information Assurance (IA) Technology Assessment
TASK AREA 8 Information Assurance (IA) – Cybersecurity Assessment Program (CAP)
TASK AREA 9 Information Assurance (IA) Support for the Enterprise
TASK AREA 10 Task Order (TO) Project Management Support
TASK AREA 11 Virtual Workforce Training
TASK AREA 12 Technology Evaluation Support
TASK AREA 13 Enterprise Support Services
TASK AREA 14 Financial Budget and Cost Support
TASK AREA 15 Configuration Management Support
TASK AREA 16 Systems Engineering Support
TASK AREA 17 Enterprise Architecture Support
TASK AREA 18 Enterprise Data Strategy Support
TASK AREA 19 Test and Documentation Support
TASK AREA 20 Information Technology (IT) Process Management Support
TASK AREA 21 Information Technology (IT) Audit Readiness Support

Eligible to compete under Group A (unrestricted). Eligible to compete in task areas 1 – 12 and 15 – 20.

Corporate Introduction
Capabilities Statement
Business Contacts

Stone Baggiano
Stone Baggiano
Senior Vice President

John Lyon


Jacqui Soltero
Jacqui Soltero
Sr. Contracts Administrator

Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies
Vice President of Contracts

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