TekSynap understands that to enable the broad range of services that we offer, the underlying infrastructure must be rock solid. TekSynap’s capabilities include infrastructure design, installation and operations from UTP and fiber cabling to switch, router, firewall and identity systems. TekSynap has been providing these services to our customers since our inception enabling our customers networks to function effectively delivering the services they need to perform their missions.

Infrastructure Experience

Department of Veteran Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • TekSynap deployed the initial enterprise wireless management system and recently completed an upgrade to the entire system allowing the VA to seamlessly manage their wireless enterprise deployment at more than 300 sites with more than 200 Virtual Domains.
  • TekSynap originally deployed the wireless system at all major VA sites throughout the US starting more than 10 years ago, and is now tasked with updating the system with new access points and enhancing as necessary to bring the coverage up to the latest VA standards and expanding it to new buildings (greenfield areas) and all child sites.
  • After TekSynap engineers design the wireless coverage at each facility the system must be installed.
  • TekSynap provides the full suite of installation services required to bring wireless to greenfield areas, or enhance existing wireless in areas where the coverage does not meet VA needs.
  • TekSynap personnel install all required cabling following the VA standards. As necessary patch panels, penetrations and/or fire stop are installed.
  • All cables are tested prior to installation, which is included in our build package.
  • Access points are connected to switches and brought online in real time so that there are installation personnel onsite to assist if necessary. As the APs come online they are added to the enterprise management system and become operational immediately.


  • Total Square Footage: 175,000,000
  • Number of Access Points: 159,000
  • Number of Hospitals: 176
  • Number of Buildings: 3,500
  • Number of Floors: 8,200
Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
New Cumberland Network Operations Center (NOC) Relocation and Installation Support Services

  • Relocated all Information Technology Non-secure Internet Protocol Router/Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPR/SIPR) equipment, services and operations at the existing Network Operations Center (NOC) in Building 54 to the new Distribution Headquarters Building 430.
  • Planning, documentation, and execution of all inventory, support, power down/shutdown, disconnection, removal, relocation/transportation services for all applicable NIPR/SIPR IT server, storage, network and telecommunications equipment; equipment cabinets/racks/enclosures; supporting equipment and fixtures; any required cables/cable installations needed to connect/interconnect equipment to support NOC operations and any additional materials/components identified to be moved to the new building.
  • TekSynap first documented everything to be moved, provided recommendations to the Government on how to execute the move with minimal risk in the shortest time possible, provided multiple reviews of the new data center, pointed out issues with the facility design that were incompatible with the equipment to be moved that resulted in modifications to power and cabling to support the relocation.
  • Managed the schedule and adjusted as necessary to ensure that DLA mission activities were not impacted which, due to weather related events, required multiple execution delays and changed priorities.
  • Relocated all of the equipment and associated infrastructure to the new facility over a holiday weekend, providing support to the Government in bringing the systems back online and troubleshooting any issues that arose, resulting in the systems being back online prior to the start of the work week.


  • Total Square Footage: 14,747,110
  • Number of Access Points: 540
  • Number of Buildings: 112
  • Number of Floors: 134
  • Miles of Cable: 48
Department of Defense Joint Service Provider

Joint Service Provider (JSP)
DISA Field Service Activity (FSA) responsible for Enterprise Transport Management (ETM) for the Pentagon and National Capital Region (NCR)< Network Architecture / Engineering Network Monitoring and Incident Resolution

  • Supporting DISA’s Field Service Activity (FSA) JSP and legacy Army Information Technology Agency (ITA).
  • Responsible for providing all personnel, equipment, tools, maintenance, materials, supervision, and non-personal services necessary to manage LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN connectivity, and point-to-point circuits in the National Capital Region (NCR).
  • Supporting four classification levels of transport networks, ranging from Unclassified to TS/SCI.
  • Providing Active Network Design and Passive Network Design changes that are maintained on JSP’s network file servers.
  • Specific task areas include: Enterprise Transport Network Configuration, Network Project Management & Installations Support, Transport O&M, Continuity of Operations (COOP) & Disaster Recovery (DR); Transport Security & Encryption, Pentagon Primary Technical Control Facility & Alternate Facility, VoIP/VoSIP/TDM Maintenance; Mark Center Support; and Surge Support.
  • Responsible for detecting and troubleshooting any incidents or problems with cable plants, circuits, network equipment and systems under Transport’s responsibility.
  • End-user support, including JSP’s Tier 3, 24x7x365 Network Operations Help Desk and Escalation Management.

Subcontractor to General Dynamics

National Defense University

National Defense University (NDU)

  • Providing network infrastructure design, installation and support.
  • First EDU to achieve an ATO under RMF.
  • Enhanced network infrastructure by re-cabling 2 buildings.
  • Complete replacement of WiFi and upgraded internet circuits.
  • Designed and implemented full redundancy for north and south campuses.
  • Assessed point-to-point circuits between Norfolk and D.C. campuses.
  • Initialized VMware into network redesign.
  • Migrated students from Google Apps to Office 365.
  • Built hybrid mail system for Office 365 (cloud to local).
  • Implemented Cisco unified communication architecture, integrating Legacy VTC with Skype for Business.
Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce

  • TekSynap deployed the initial wireless management system and, in phases, added more areas to serve while working the assigned remodel.
  • After Teksynap’s engineers designed wireless coverage, they followed up with access point installation.
  • TekSynap personnel installed all required cabling following DOC standards. Patch panels, penetrations, and/or fire stops were installed, as necessary.
  • All cables are tested with test results provide as part of the as built package.
  • When switches were installed prior to access points they were connected, and brought online in real time, to be inspected for proper functionality by onsite personnel.
Core IT
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TekSynap is a premier provider of cloud design, implementation, and support delivering a wide array of services across multiple cloud providers. We support our customers in the development and implementation of cloud adoption frameworks, governance, integration, and cost optimization approaches. Our focus is on applying the correct blend of cost-effective technologies to realize business value and meet organizational goals. With proven successes in both Azure and AWS, TekSynap develops cloud-native apps, re-factors legacy apps, and integrates cloud-based and hybrid infrastructure for our customers while maintaining and enhancing their security posture.


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The Core Infrastructure underpinning IT networks and systems is a TekSynap foundational area of expertise. We understand that any reliable IT environment is built upon a rock-solid core infrastructure. We employ industry certified experts who have designed, implemented, and managed high-availability network designs around the globe, in mission critical environments such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Defense Logistics Agency, and Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


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As an expert in Cyber Operations, TekSynap helps our clients achieve an always ready state. Focused on adapting to our client’s needs, we provide expert guidance and recommendations so clients can overcome the risks pertinent to their environments.

Our teams begin each mission by performing an in-depth assessment to understand the policies governing each organization as well as the threats to the environment. We work collaboratively with our clients to define the most effective operational framework, ensuring it accounts for risks and mission needs.


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TekSynap is a DevSecOps industry leader. Our team members are critical contributors to DoD DevSecOps and Cloud Infrastructure as Code Community of Practice groups, to include our contributions in the DoD Reference Design. As leaders in the automation of secure, resilient platforms, our customers achieve 99.999% operational availability while increasing their security posture. Through the Log4J vulnerabilities and barrage of hack attempts, TekSynap’s programs stayed ahead of the required updates and thwarted the hackers. Our web vulnerability inspections resulted in 100% clean system reports.


TekSynap is an equal opportunity employer, that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status, national origin, disability, age, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.