Marla Helveston Named One of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Louisiana 2022

Marla Helveston

Marla Helveston, TekSynap’s Senior Vice President of Operations, was ranked #9 of The Top 50 Women Leaders of Louisiana for 2022.

Marla Helveston takes a mission objective and achieves it through sound strategy development. She intuitively sees the big picture, brings the necessary pieces together into a coherent plan, helps others extend their thinking, and drives operational performance. Helveston, Senior Vice President of Operations, is responsible for managing business growth, formulating and executing growth strategies, and interacting with clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. She exemplifies TekSynap’s commitment to helping clients achieve high performance and operational success. Helveston has demonstrated performance in maximizing growth within established and new programs. She was directly responsible for leading capture efforts that resulted in a multi-year string of new opportunity wins, injecting new business into her organization. Her adaptability and agility in achieving mission objectives while managing evolving business priorities is clearly demonstrated by her exemplary capture rate across her career.

In her 30-year career in government contracting, Helveston has held a wide variety of leadership positions across key parts of the business. Prior to joining TekSynap in November 2018, she was VP of General Dynamics IT’s Commerce and Interior operating group, which provided technical services to the Department of Commerce, Department of Interior and Department of Defense clients. She was responsible for all P&L activities, business growth and development, client engagement and staff management and growth for the 275+ people in her organization. Helveston began her career working for the USAF at Keesler Air Force Base where she earned Master Instructor status, teaching classes in basic computer concepts, problem solving, logic design, and programming. Helveston is a certified PMP and graduated with a BS in engineering from Mississippi State University.

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