TekSynap Re-Awarded the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) BPA


On October 30, 2020 TekSynap, in conjunction with prime contractor CSRA LLC and its Contractor Teaming Partners Dell Marketing L.P. and Minburn Technology Group LLC., was re-awarded the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the U.S. General Services Administration and U.S. Department of Defense. DEOS, a key component of DoD’s Digital Modernization Strategy and fit-for-purpose cloud offering, represents an enterprise based set of capabilities that include: productivity tools such as word processing and spreadsheets, email, collaboration, file sharing, and storage. Its intended environments are Microsoft 365 instantiation in a DoD Impact Level 5 (Unclassified) and Impact Level 6 (Classified) cloud operating within the United States and overseas providing capability to support garrison and network challenged operations. DEOS “will streamline our use of cloud email and collaborative tools while enhancing cybersecurity and information sharing based on standardized needs and market offerings,” said DOD Chief Information Officer Dana Deasy. DOD estimates the value of the DEOS BPA at $4.4 billion over a 10-year period, which includes a five-year base period with two two-year options and one one-year option.