TekSynap’s Culture Delivers, Adapts to DLA JETS Growing Requirements

TekSynap's Culture Delivers, Adapts to DLA JETS Growing Requirements

TekSynap's Culture Delivers, Adapts to DLA JETS Growing Requirements
TekSynap has a history of delivering results to ensure customer success in industries that are constantly evolving. It has been over eight years since TekSynap was granted its first award within the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), providing subject matter expertise and solutions for the Wireless Network Support Services (WNSS) infrastructure contract. TekSynap received exceptional Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) for their performance under this contract, and the team set its sights on growing this business unit by providing their cutting-edge solutions to new areas within the agency.

TekSynap expanded on its success when it was awarded DLA’s J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) IDIQ prime contract in January of 2017. The company was able to strengthen previous relationships and trusted advisor status developed over the past four years to provide a winning proposal. Under this contract, TekSynap built upon its prior performance to compete and win over 48 DLA JETS Task Orders in just three and a half years.

They attribute this success directly to their highly skilled employees, technologists, innovators, and experts, who collaborate across the agency’s support structure to produce optimal results. TekSynap hires and retains the top talent by adopting a culture of self-empowerment, combined with an emphasis on work-life balance and an industry-leading benefits package.

“For the last eight years, we have provided enterprise IT service to the DLA with a focus on delivering exceptional support and growing our footprint across the organization,” said Tom Murphy, Director of Operations for TekSynap’s Business Unit 3. TekSynap’s employees gain efficiencies in both processes and systems by utilizing internal training and experience gained on current contracts but also by reaching out to subject matter experts with deep institutional knowledge of DLA’s architecture, processes, and IT infrastructure.

“As the challenges and needs of the DLA continue to evolve, we stand ready to support existing customers while looking to position ourselves able to capture DLA’s future requirements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), DevSecOps as a service, and Cloud Native solutions,” said Murphy.

TekSynap is dedicated to supporting the DLA by ensuring the right people have the right tools, training and authority to execute cutting edge solutions.