TekSynap Awarded Nuclear Regulatory Commission Systems, Networking, and Cross-Cutting (SNCC) Services Contract

November 13, 2018

TekSynap announced today that it was awarded a four year, $42M dollar task order by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the Systems Network and Cross Cutting (SNCC) Services contract under the GLobal INfrastructure and Development Acquisition (GLINDA) BPA. The SNCC contract provides enterprise operations and IT services for over 4,500 NRC users, spanning NRC headquarters in Rockville, MD, the NRC Technical Training Center (TTC) in Chattanooga, TN, and NRC’s Regional Offices located in King of Prussia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Lisle, IL, and Arlington, TX.

Through the SNCC contract, TekSynap and its subcontractor teaming partners, Unisys and AECOM, provide a broad, comprehensive set of IT services to the NRC. These wide-ranging IT services require broad expertise across 10 support areas:

Support Area #1: Cross-Cutting Services
Support Area #2: System and Database Administration
Support Area #3: Compute and Storage Management
Support Area #4: Release and Deployment Management
Support Area #5: Network Management
Support Area #6: Identity, Credential, and Access Management
Support Area #7: Data Center Operations Management
Support Area #8: Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Management
Support Area #9: Security Engineering Support
Support Area #10: Cloud Facilitation Services

TekSynap provides core network, security, and system administration services across a broad set of integrated end-to-end IT services for the NRC enterprise. In addition to operations and maintenance activities designed to maintain high availability of IT systems on a 24x7x365 basis, TekSynap is tasked with incrementally transforming the NRC’s IT operational environment to leverage current and emerging solutions, services, and delivery approaches.