We are delighted to announce that Toni Fisher, our esteemed Chief Administrative Officer, has been honored as one of the Top 50 Women Chief Administrative Officers of 2024 by Women We Admire. This prestigious recognition celebrates the pivotal role CAOs play in managing operations and steering strategic business goals in large organizations.

Since joining TekSynap in 2015 Fisher has been a driving force behind our success. Under her leadership, TekSynap has experienced  a staggering growth of 3328.57% in employee count alone.

With over two decades of experience in fostering small businesses and leading transformative initiatives, Fisher is a collaborative leader known for achieving tangible outcomes. Her expertise lies in harmonizing systems, processes, and people, and she has orchestrated significant enterprise overhauls by implementing cutting-edge technologies and modern practices.

In addition to her remarkable achievements, Fisher is also a dedicated mentor. She firmly believes in the power of women lifting each other up. As Serena Williams once said, “The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” Fisher embodies this spirit, continually inspiring and empowering those around her.

Fisher is a champion of organizational growth and positive change. She emphasizes the power of a constructive mindset in driving productivity and nurturing a vibrant workplace culture. At TekSynap, she oversees a wide array of functions, including HR, recruitment, diversity initiatives, communications, marketing, quality assurance, security, compliance, and facility management.

Join us in celebrating Toni Fisher’s remarkable achievement and her invaluable contribution to TekSynap’s success.

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Meet Leonard Newman, our Director of Information Technology at TekSynap. He holds over 19 technology certifications reflecting his leading-edge technical skills in a constantly evolving industry. Leonard leads our IT department in implementing vital services company-wide. From system administration and application configuration to differentiating TekSynap with new quality certifications, Leonard does it all.

To show our appreciation for Leonard’s best-in-class technical abilities and motivation to surpass any challenge, TekSynap has enrolled Leonard in our new mentorship program, TopTek. TopTek is an annual program highlighting exceptional employees whom we see as emerging leaders. The TopTek program allows highly motivated employees to contribute to corporate growth initiatives, expand networks across the company, and prepare for increased roles and responsibilities.

TekSynap’s very own Information Technology Administrator, Zachery Gardner obtained his master’s from ECPI University in the Science of cybersecurity. Zach graduated first in his class as valedictorian and was asked to give an honorary speech. Zach is a valuable asset to our company; he provides our team with invaluable support. At TekSynap, we value lifting our employees up and helping them grow.

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