Audio Visual / Video Teleconferencing

TekSynap is lowering the costs associated with travel and freeing up customer’s valuable time through the use of Audio Visual and Video Teleconferencing (AV/VTC) technologies. Collaboration within and between customer agencies improve overall efficiencies and aide in mission success. The state of the art video walls that we install provide an enhanced customer interaction through the use of multiple high-definition 4K resolution systems combining video teleconferencing, audio, visual and presentation capabilities in line with the latest in AV technologies. We have deployed and maintain systems across Unclassified, Secret, and TS/SCI Networks. Our systems are deployed within Joint Operations Centers and service the most senior officials in Government.

TekSynap AV VTC

AV / VTC Experience

TekSynap AV/VTC team members find real time solutions to technical problems. We make sure the meetings happen!

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

  • Providing Audio Visual / Video Teleconferencing Maintenance
  • Conference Room and Knowledge Wall Installations and Support across DTRA
  • DTRA ITSS Help Desk Support
  • Unclassified, Secret and TS/SCI Networks
  • Over 2,500 users

Tasks include

  • AV/VTC Operations and Maintenance
  • Material Procurement
  • Annual Site Surveys
  • Special Projects for Refresh Design and Installations
  • System Programming
  • Optional On-Site Scheduling, Setup and Support

TekSynap AV/VTC team members ensure meetings are fully operational allowing our customer the ability to make critical decisions in support of the Warfighter in real time.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

  • Providing Audio Visual / Video Teleconference Facilitators Support Services to include hardware and software support across the DLA IT J6 Enterprise
  • End-user global hardware support and setup of all AV/VTC equipment
  • Operation, troubleshoot and maintenance of AV/VTC, Video Streaming, Cable TV, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Closed Captioning Equipment
  • Includes CODECs, AV/VTC network connections and controllers, wired/wireless interfaces, audio controllers, data interfaces, Cable TV, Closed-Circuit TV, Video Signage and other AV/VTC equipment
  • NIPRNET and SIPRNET Networks
  • Over 20,000 users

Tasks include

  • Test and install AV/VTC hardware and configuration that comply with DLA’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and STIG mandates
  • Work with Senior Level Military and SES to ensure timely and tailored sustainment support in all aspects of VTC and general meeting support along with Audio Visual Streaming and Broadcast support.
  • Work closely with DLA Video Operations Center to troubleshoot any network issue to minimize down time or address connection latencies
  • Update and maintain current AV/VTC deployments using Government supplied and/or other approved hardware, subsequent upgrades/patches/versions/releases and AV/VTC unique applications
  • Provide advanced AV/VTC support for the AV/VTC infrastructure at DLA, Information Operations
  • Diagnostic analysis to determine next steps for all user levels in order to identify the cause and resolution of issues encountered in the use of hardware and software
  • Research current market technology to address AV/VTC issues and inform/advise DLA Information Operations personnel