The TekSynap Wireless Engineering Team is a family of Engineers that have broad backgrounds and experience in designing, installing, configuring and maintaining wireless networks in environments that include Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Retail and Administration. We understand the need for reliable, robust and secure wireless networks from the Enterprise level to the smallest “Mom-and-Pop” businesses.

Imagine making one phone call! Whether it’s troubleshooting one area of your facility, an upgrade of your existing network or a complete design and implementation of your future wireless network, TekSynap is the way to go. We don’t just examine your current state and tell you where your problems are. We conduct detailed analysis of your environment and provide real solutions. We don’t just recommend solutions, we can implement them as well. Best of all, we can build the solution for you or team up with your IT departments to build the wireless network that best suits the unique needs of your environment. We don’t manufacture network appliances but our partnership with those companies can provide the best pricing available to suit your requirements.

TekSynap WiFi Cart

TekSynap’s 5th Generation WiFi 2.4GHz & 5.0 GHz Crash Cart & Validation Flyaway kits